Stop measuring
the circumference of
thighs and using the
same measuring tape
recreationally as a noose
around the neck that
creases, holding up
that massive weight;
no more than the world
rests on those broad
shoulders that don’t fit
beneath any dainty dress.

And the ones that do,
fail to impress whilst
a pile lies untouched,
nibbled on by moths
in closed closet corners.
Take your fingers out,
use them to create!
You must, even though
every thing big and
small that fails to be
a part of the present,
every goal, every dream
begins with a “when”.

Maybe it’s time you
stop making your
dreams contingent.
Maybe you’re too
focused on the wrong
numbers. The clock
is ticking, and all you
do is stare at the scale
in utter dismay. Your
eyes barely stray away,
you’re missing out on
so much. Maybe it is
time to force your head
to look around and find
the beauty you fail to see
within yourself.