[11/11 12:59 am] And finally, for my last trick
[11/11 1:00 am] I will turn into ashes
[11/11 1:00 am] Become one with the earth
[11/11 1:01 am] Watered by the tears on their eye lashes
[11/11 1:02 am] At the end of the final act
[11/11 1:03 am] The curtain falls down but they wait for me to come back
[11/11 1:06 am] Grumble something about plant rebirth and leave, does the audience
[11/11 1:07 am] But never was I there to begin with, you can’t wait for the return of what ‘I’ did lack
[11/11 1:09 am] I’ll continue to stay away, persistently hitting a wall of brick.
[11/11 1:10 am] Don’t miss me too much or they’ll declare you too sick.