Testing one,

“Can you hear me?” You nod your head.

Not lies, no. Maybe you can, but won’t listen.

I wonder, would you jerk at the sound of me,

crying and screaming in frustration;

Or to the sardonic laughter that erupts

from my throat at these thoughts?

Testing one, two,

I don’t think you want to talk at all,

is that it? Why else would you stall

and pretend to be around, not?

There’s a piece missing. 2 hands long,

used to lie between us; that has

decided to go play hide and seek,

like we used to.

Testing one, two, three,

Everything was such a blur, or was that

an excuse? Even if it was, no worries!

My heart lies with you. I cannot antagonise

the image of your self even if I wanted to.

The line between understanding and self

destructing is thin, but it will have to do.

Testing one, two, three, four,

how many more? I’ve given you so much,

almost too much, one should exclaim!

But I will continue to do so and with impunity

you will be awarded for all you had given back.

The self preservation is kicking in,

yet I never, ever know when to stop.

I will make you talk.

Testing one, two, three, four, five,

finally you open your mouth! But

no sound seems to escape from within.

A half hearted groan seems to be it.

For a moment I mistake you for a git, and

perhaps the miss was when I decided

that you were an angel of some sort.

Testing one, two, three, four, five, six.

This is it, I know better than to try now,

for if something is to happen? It will,

after the trials. But futility, of any future

endeavours will be in your hands and of

the past? In the snapped red string

sutured around our necks. 

not sure but this might’ve been a response to this prompt lol