Dear heart, don’t let yourself be lost.

The scientists say we have a chance,

stay where you are, time is the only cost.

Wait it out, enjoy it now, this time sans us.

Thoughts of you were my only indulgence,

bold, but bordering on blushing, I was spent.

I had my treat, now I await my comeuppance.

Those walls around me? You did more than dent.

The constant shaking, waiting, taking, loving;

wash, rinse, repeat, it was all too good to be true.

Prerequisite to me, surprisingly unheard of to you.

Lifted me up, dusted me and convinced me, in lieu.

Drifting closer and closer were we, au contraire?

Spent: my days with an eye out for the northern lights.

I looked away at all the right times, yet you felt my stare.

Eyes: red as the blood pumping in my heart tonight.

Everything ended as fast as it had commenced,

because I fell too fast, too hard, and you didn’t too.

My eyes burn again, but due to different intents.

No northern lights or music to remind me of “Who?”

But you did as I said, you enjoyed it well! Too well

perhaps, but maybe to you this was but a test, so

don’t worry about me, only time will heal and tell;

the tunes and colours will put another to rest.