(verse 1: excuses)

Don’t blame him, it was

something repulsive that he had seen

(in miami was it?) that fuelled his decision

to give them competition; to do something

more unsavoury than they had been.

(verse 2: when)

The month of the summer solstice

consisting of the longest day,

but wait, how queer! It gave us two.

When not only did the sun stop moving,

but we found that our hearts did too.

(verse 3: where)

The haven, the place where his enemies did rest

like fish in a barrel, he did; specifically that night,

legally, planned and prepared

took out the competition, the very best, he did.

And now we pray they rest, in peace.

(verse 4: relation)

Oh how I had wished to celebrate with them!

But now it hurts to see my brothers weep,

could I have saved them by tying a rakhi?

my sisters, they apologise for promises of return

that they simply could not keep.

(verse 5: result)

(no one utters a word about hate crimes)

Another reason they’ve finally gotten

to start mixing cement for the great wall.

We talk about values and cultures and guns and all,

but details of it, we’ve already forgotten.

(verse 6: sorry)

Apologising for your son

won’t bring their’s back.

Was handholding and kissing the reason

for bloodshed again, this season?

Can we really cut anyone, any slack?

(verse 7: faith)

I wished for the same thing two times today

as the clock struck 11:11, I shut my eyes

told myself that this would help (lies).

Helpless and scared, I did feel.

As did everyone without a heart made of steel.

(verse 8: don’t)

He took away their pulse,

but fuelled our rage and will.

50 dead and 53 injured

(and a queue of blood donors conjured)

but our love, he can never kill.

 I’d like to take a moment to mourn the loss of 50 or so innocent strangers that mean way more than they should to me. When I woke up to this news, all I could do was stare at the screen and wish that they’d be okay. Regardless, take a moment to mourn in silence, but don’t let them take away your voices. Don’t shut up. Don’t forget them. Don’t be afraid. And for the love of god, stay safe.