Que sera, sera

He bought me flowers,

t’was a blood moon ago.

Me of youth would be in cowers

for that future that she has to forego.

Candles need not be lit up,

they’ll only burn out.

Drink out of the same cup

is that all we’re about?

Mine side is always right

and no one dare say a word.

don’t need to, not with a bite;

except, turning off the light sounds absurd.

Calm is the night,

company is being basked in.

Nothing to do in near sight,

is staying in that much of a sin?

Legs commit offenses

as do eyes, lips and toes

trespassing; as my back tenses,

this is the least of my woes.

Not rainbows day after day

but storms, hurricanes and hail

along with cold, cosy, windy and gay.

Sure to reach the shore sans smooth sail.