the world isn’t quite what you thought it to be

it’s worse. And you don’t quite like it here.
You wish you could go back to your own universe
but that ship has sailed away long time now.
You don’t want to make friends with the nice monsters here,
they’ve got far too many faces for you to keep count.
You don’t want to fall in love with them, they’re still monsters,
you know? You might end up doing just that though.
Because your planet left you here to be one of these monsters.
Or maybe you were a monster and they just wanted to send you home.
That’s nice of them, yes? You wish they weren’t as nice.
You don’t want to bring another you into the world, this nasty world.
It’s not nice, what if they want to leave as well, what if they hate you
for bringing them here? Maybe we could build a rocketship together
and look for other galaxies where no one could hurt us.
we’d end up making another planet full of monsters
but, oh well.