beauty is subjective

It took me about 14 years to understand this properly, and to be honest, I still forget sometimes. I had a hard time feeling aight in my own skin. It’s hard work when you’re not conventionally beautiful and haven’t ever gotten any positive feedback about what you look like. It’s hard to believe you might be gorgeous because no one told you, damn it! I didn’t get the memo either, so here –

  • They say beauty is only skin deep and in the eye of the beholder, and for fucks sake, it’s true ok? It doesn’t seem that way when people only make fun of you for how you look but it’s true.
  • “Cute” starts sounding like an insult. You find that people say it because they don’t know what to say without lying. The whole “you’ve got a wonderful personality is something one says about ugly people” seems to be true.
  • For heaven’s sake, you’re adorable, do you really need to nit pick compliments? Wouldn’t you rather be a fabulous person than just look it?
  • But don’t fall in too deep. The problem I’ve come across is, I’ve pretty much lost my aesthetic, I don’t know what my definition of beauty objectively is. A person who’s reading literature turns me on, or listening to dank bands, or is passionate about economics or pharmaceutics or history or mathematics or whatever god they all seem really hot.
  • What someone looks like starts to matter very less when you concentrate on the features they choose to have.
  • Someone is a nice person and sweet to animals, BAM I’m in love.
  • Ask yourself, would you really let someone who’s beautiful on the inside get away for the sole reason that they don’t look like every other ‘hot’ person ?
  • You forget, we start to love everything about someone we already like. Example – I didn’t give a shit about blonde people, like paid no special attention to them. But then, I watched Merlin (BBC) and there he was, Arthur Pendragon, a hot prat, a blond. BAM I like blonds now.
  • I couldn’t care less about proportions, large ears are the most endearing thing I’ve seen (google: Colin Morgan) crooked teeth? fucking sign me up yea?? (google: Bradley James)
  • I see normal random people on the streets all the time, it takes very less for me to fall in love with them. Their smiles damn it (read: my achilles heel), their colours, their interests, they mean so much more than what they look like!!
  • Yes, I’m aware, there’s apparently difference between loving someone and finding them attractive i.e. wanting to bed them (eh why ? why not have the best of both worlds) but honestly It’s a blurred line to me. I can’t tell what I want to love and care for and tuck into bed and what I want to sleep with.
  • Once you start finding beauty in people rather than just their bodies, you find so much variety. You can’t choose! When you’re in love with fictional boys with cute soft tummies, it’s hard to fat shame them. Your brain won’t have MCQs that go
    a) skinny girls
    b) thick girls
    because you’ll be in so deep that there’ll be things like
    j) girls who like fall out boy
    k) girls who love dogs
  • You find it hard to follow what society wants you to want. You need to remember, this is about you. What you like. Let’s just hope there’s people who see beauty in personality and traits.
  • I like to think there’s people who think this way and I’m not some odd duck who doesn’t understand the meaning of “aesthetic”.
  • When you look at people this way, it’s hard to not look at yourself like just another one of them; you just can’t find yourself ugly once you find beauty in literally everything and everyone around you.

this was just me trying to say ‘help idk what hot means anymore ffs i think cute misunderstood boys (read: Kageyama Tobio, draco malfoy?) are hot, really. This hampers my objective opinion of people’

also ‘i think i could fall in love with everyone if they let me ffs why is everyone so ethereally attractive damnit’

‘beauty can be found in the darkest of places, if only someone tries to light the match’ inspired by guess who dumbledore thats who