I was asked to write a 1k poem on beautiful bharat (India) a long time ago and I couldn’t send it in time and this is the best time (happy independence day!!) to share this so here ya go – 

Look up!
Do you see what I see?
Freedom in the chirping birds flying joyfully overhead
Peace in the snowlike clouds
quenching our thirst for serenity
Unexpectedness in the hues of blue that turn up unannounced
Sadness in the blues when they fade away as the sun descends
Anger, the blood of men spilling ferociously like ink across paper
Pain from the bruises that turn magenta over time
Beauty that radiates from the orchard of violets blooming in the heavens above
Trust, like a elder’s hand above our heads peeking and keeping note of our every step
from behind their beards oh so grey
Feelings of love from the crimson and scarlet letters written across the skyline
Pride in the sight of planes zooming away leaving trails of orange, white and green behind
Secretiveness in the dark orbs of our past
Sleepiness in the black abyss of the sky where the dreamers reside
Wakefulness in the dull stars scintillating as they are gazed at by realists
Hues of blues of existentialism whilst the world sleeps
If not,
open your eyes
and look again.

Look to your right!
Do you see what I see?
Bravery in the eyes of the people willing to stand up and speak
Chants and banners asking for rights that has been delayed (denied!)
Strength in the unity and the clenched fists of the protestors
Nothing new, it’s been going on since posterity.
Fierceness in the way everyone walks with their chins in the air
Humbleness and respect in the hands joined together
greeting passerbies accompanied with sweet smiles
flowers they could grow
Gay streets filled with children
the future of the world hand in hand with
the past of the world.
Innocently clutching at their hands and occasionally pulling at the sight of
attractive, shiny items.
Amused parrots on the sidewalk
picking up your future in cards.
Colours beyond primary
azure, vermillion and chiffon
fushia, amethyst and taupe.
Balloons on sale
touching the colours of the sky like we want to
If not,
open your eyes, and your mind
think and look again

Look down!
Do you see what I see?
the sacrifices made by the people
that I can find in the soil as fragments of martyrs
for soil that is full of death is very much full of life.
the ground is alive from all the organisms that reside
in the rainbow beneath our feet
red as bricks and black as peat
as life giving as it is from alluvial to laterite
or mountains to desert, all of them so
prudential; a nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.
History; the land’s story
that tells itself if you ever look down
sincerely for any ears that it could borrow.
Forgiving to the ones who are stubborn.
Forgiving the tortures of indigo.
Forgiving the people.
Too forgiving. Almost submissive.
It leads to being stamped on.
Small buds of myosotis sylvatica ‘forget me not’ looking meekly
up at all of us forcing us to forget them not.
Never, can they be forgotten
for a million years is what it takes for the formation of soil.
Acquainting yourself with soil might be a good idea,
it’s here to stay.
If not,
open your eyes, mind and heart
look, think and feel again

Look to your left!
Do you see what I see?
myself in all my glory
by your side
with your hand in mine.
Shall we stride forwards?
Into the crowd crazed gullies
reminding people of the country full of bullies.
Victories mustn’t be in vain
something has to be worth all that pain
that everyone feels.
Let’s pick up our problems and sort them into an anal – retentive pile
because this is our beautiful bharat
and ‘tis in our hands the responsibility to keep it that way.

Look around
in all ten directions.
Do you see what I see?
It’s our beautiful bharat.
I know you do too.