Hush, hush now

Don’t tell a soul

Keep your promise

And I’ll keep mine.

When they know,

they’ll hurt –

Yes they will.

Of course they will.

Understand you’re too young,

beyond this goes, child

I know best

you know nothing

Shush, nothing at all.

No one will believe you.

Don’t be disheartened, love

miracles happen.


They know, they know

because you didn’t hush

now deal with the aversion

your comeuppance for..

nothing everything

Eyes won’t meet

and when they do

they won’t leave now.

You’ll always feel it on you

like a stain,

refusing to wash away.

It is all your fault

they will point

And laugh and agree you will

in tears.


It’s over. All done now.

Stop breathing like that

no reason to choke;

Now you know better

or so you’d hope.

Let them speak

don’t you hush

or hostile you won’t be.

It is all your fault.

no no no please stop

But we won’t  point to the past

they can they will they do

and cue laughter over the present!

Till it is muted and the cycle;

Lather rinse repeated.