so there was this competition and yea here goes –

Like her there is no other

Absolutely ethereal

Filled up to the brim with grace

Answer to every question, I believe she knows.

She is the finest, and she is my mother.

Me with knowledge she does smother

From Greece’s plight to Maggi’s lies

Whether it be newspaper articles or national secrets

Or presentations about preventing EMPs from burning circuits at Microwave Conferences.

She is rather knowledgeable, and she is my mother.

Sermons about the good old days make me shudder

But bring me comfort in plethora

When petrified of the future

She tells me she didn’t know how to become what she is today.

She is my kingdom come, she is my mother.

She is summoned to Chicago to Sendai and other foreign lands to cover.

From presentations to university courses

Her presence is like a blessing to everyone

I act more like a bonus assistant running around for Xeroxes

She is global, and she is my mother.

A long ride to her office she does suffer

Though packing tiffins and traffic get in her way

Manages to reach in the nick of time, she does

I don’t know how but sometimes she doesn’t either

She is an incisive woman, she is my mother.

1st phase of developing limited intelligence sounds like a buffer,

But it involves conceptual development

Design and software simulation analysis

Then comes fabrication and system integration

Testing environment conditions in labs

And finally prototype development

Then setting it off the surface of earth.

Awfully long and arduous she finds this.

She is a hardworking woman, and she is my mother.

And all that’s just for the flaws to discover

Then comes the 2nd phase

And then the 3rd for integration of extreme miniature chip development

So that the missile doesn’t get obese

And who specialises in those chips? She does

She is an integrated circuit expert, and she is my mother.

Her colleagues are no kind of duffers

Each of them serves a vital purpose

From High temperature carbon composite and missile fuel groups to the countdown by the checkout unit

Even with auto launch technology

She tells me teamwork is the dictum.

She is their team member, and she is my mother.

Tessy Thomas is no bluffer

Rightfully India’s ‘agni putri’

And the first woman scientist to head a missile project in India

The lab director of Agni missile projects I, II,III,IV,V and VI

She’s constantly inspired by the missile woman of India

She’s still learning, and she is my mother.

She’s no skudder

But duty calls for a featureless mobile

No internet to thwart safety breaches

Pen drives are forbidden

And it is all very serious business.

She’s in defence, a grave affair. And she is my mother.

She’s no sucker

In strategic system electronics

Making circuits without which missiles would just be disabled bombs

Her head is a woman

Her work is developing technology, yet undiscovered

It is not routine, just like her post as scientist E

She comes back home in evenings wiser than she left

She is a scientist, and I’m proud to call her my mother;

She is Pummy Ratna.