There’s a girl who prefers to write with pencils even when there are pens at her disposal. Pens are too permanent, she feels. Ink is more powerful than graphite, but graphite can hide things, it can be keep secrets, it can forget to never remember. Graphite is her friend, ink isn’t.  Ink is too harsh, too real and makes her weaker by every stroke, line and curve. People who make pens their slaves are strong, maybe that is why the girl doesn’t excel with ink, she isn’t.

The girl is an artist, everything is her canvas. Her tools are not limited to graphite and ink. Her art is permanently etched. It doesn’t bother her though, it helps her realise that she can create something permanent even if it isn’t beautiful. Even she needs a small dose of reality sometimes. Her favourite colour is the silver than her brushes leave behind on her canvas. But someday, she’ll hone her sketching skills and make a sort of acquaintance with ink.